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Happy Birthday Jesus - Cooking with Sean
December 13th, 2009
03:19 pm


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Happy Birthday Jesus

I'm doing the dirty work for Christmas this year. It's going to be delicious:

  • Prime rib, roasted at 200° for 3 and a half hours per Cook's Illustrated
  • Fennel with Sambuca and orange
  • Artichokes with tomatoes and herbs (unless we can't get good artichokes, in which case my aunt and uncle are bringing salad)
  • Either spiced walnuts or creamy ricotta

In addition, my mother is making turkey tetrazzini to satisfy the carnaphobes at the table. The new "vegetarian" is claiming to be a vegetarian but happily eating turkey. It doesn't make sense to me, but so long as it means that I get to try the Cook's Illustrated turkey tetrazzini, I will not complain.

I plugged all of the ingredients for each recipe into Excel and made a fancy pivot table to get a shopping list. The mealrequire a total of four onions (though I think we're going to halve the tetrazzini recipe), 10 tablespoons of butter, and about half a cup of olive oil. As Emeril Legasse would say "what the heck, it serves 16 people". Okay, 6 people plus leftovers. We're all going to get fat. On the other hand, the meal is relatively low in refined carbohydrates, so perhaps I should consider this a form of crypto-health food.

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